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≪Washi × Travel Mask≫ Renewal Ver.

≪Washi × Travel Mask≫ Renewal Ver.

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[Wako x Telecom Square]

The popular "Washi 100% domestic washable mask" is now available in an upgraded version!

We have teamed up with Telecom Square, which provides mobile communication equipment services for travelers to countries around the world, to complete the “Washi x Travel Mask” with the theme of “comfortable travel and business trips during the corona crisis”.

Regarding delivery

Domestic shipping is free for orders over ¥15,000.

* If you have a desired delivery date and time, please write it in the remarks column.


*Measured by folding in half
M: Vertical * about 14.0 cm × horizontal about 11 cm
L: Vertical * about 15.0 cm × horizontal about 12 cm

Product Details

*Please wash by hand and use a neutral detergent.
*Since each product is made by hand, there may be slight differences in color and shape.
*If you are using the product as a gift and do not wish to include the delivery note, please make a note in the remarks column at the time of purchase registration.

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①In order to reduce the stress on the ear straps, the ribs used for the collar and cuffs of the T-shirt are woven into a special shape. This eliminates headaches and ear pain caused by long-term use, making it more comfortable to use.

2. Compared to the traditional Japanese paper mask, it has been resized vertically and the line from the chin to the ears has been sharpened to make it look more stylish.

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