For those who are fond of fashion
or who are friendly to the environment
Your activity may start with "wearing".

Global issues, such as overproduction, burning of deadstock, environmental pollution, the working environment of craftsmen, are what sewing factories like us are facing every day.
As an inhabitant of the Earth, we cannot continue to turn away from such issues that are occurring in front of us.

As a creator in the field of fashion, we can contribute to diversifying the definition of "wearing" beyond the world of clothes.

When you are alert to and are worried about global issues, you can take immediate action through "wearing".
WASHI-TECH provides an alternative for those who stand for being eco-friendly.

100% Washi endures for a thousand years.

In Japan, there are books written on Washi that are existing for a thousand years. Converting ancient materials into clothing with modern technology makes products that are comfortable for us.
The effects such as humidity control, antibacterial and deodorant properties, and UV protection are not added functions, but what Washi has in itself.
We have developed products made of 100% Washi from the thread in order to maximize the properties of Washi.


Our hope is that you wear the will of the producer.

The items undergo various craftsmen's work from the raw materials to the delivery to you.
"WASHI-TECH" is made by using advanced technology throughout the production process, and by gathering various kinds of traditional knowledge.
When you wear "WASHI-TECH," please wear the will of the producer as well. It will bring us pleasure and produce the energy to create future products.