Feel manufacturers' passion in every weave.

In recent years, social problems in the fashion industry have become apparent, and society as a whole is struggling to change the concept and consciousness around fashion.
WASHI-TECH was developed considering everyone involved in the production, from raw material producers to sewing craftsmen, and continues to look for the way that does not load the earth and our mind. We have accumulated careful consideration so that every product includes pure thoughts of manufacturers who work in a comfortable stress-free environment.

We will fulfill our "responsibility to create" and aim to realize an "ethical future", in which both consumers and manufacturers feel happy.

About Iwate Factory

Our factory is located in the rich natural setting of Fujisawa-cho, Ichinoseki City, Iwate Prefecture.
Since its establishment, we have made items for a number of Japanese apparel brands for more than half a century.
We are committed to manufacturing products that will please our customers with the spirit of craftsmanship that we have cultivated for more than 90 years, containing meticulous care and sincerity toward the users as well as reliable technology and quality.

Aiming to produce the optimum quantity

At our factory, we do not produce unnecessary large quantities.
Our optimum production system as well as planning and problem-solving skills, nurtured through relationships with many apparel companies and start-up brands, match today's society, which demands diversity.
Instead of creating products that are discarded without being worn, we aim to create products that are friendly to the earth and human.