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A classic T-shirt from WASHI-TECH.

"WASHI-TECH" was developed to maximize the power of the material, sticking to 100% Japanese paper.
It is an original fabric that pursues a unique smooth feel and the best comfort.

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S: Length 64cm, width 46cm, sleeve length 20cm
M: Length 67cm, width 49cm, sleeve length 21cm
Ⅼ: Length 70cm, Width 52cm, Sleeve length 22cm

Female model: Height 160cm (wearing size L)
Male model: Height 171cm (wearing size M)

Product Details

Non-classified fiber (Japanese paper) 100%
Country of Origin: Japan
* Prohibition of use of fluorescent whitening agents.
* Do not sweat or leave it wet for a long time.
*Please use a pressing cloth when ironing.

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In the hot and humid season, this Japanese paper T-shirt absorbs moisture and keeps you dry, so you can wear it comfortably regardless of whether you are on or off. In addition, it suppresses the growth of bacteria that cause odors with its naturally derived antibacterial function. In addition, Manila hemp, which is the raw material of Japanese paper, has the ability to block ultraviolet rays, and it is also attractive that it has a high UV cut effect.


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