Shipping policy


 北海道エリア 900円
東北エリア 700円
関東エリア 600円
信越エリア 700円
北陸エリア 700円
東海エリア 700円
近畿エリア 700円
中国エリア 800円
四国エリア 900円
九州エリア 900円
沖縄エリア 900円



 全国一律 400円









Shipping policy

Orders received before noon on business days will be shipped the next day if the item is in stock.
The delivery method will be sent by courier service (Sagawa Express).

Hokkaido area ¥900 JPY
Tohoku area ¥700 JPY
Kanto area ¥600 JPY
Shinetsu area ¥700 JPY
Hokuriku area ¥700 JPY
Tokai area ¥700 JPY
Kinki area ¥700 JPY
China area ¥800 JPY
Shikoku area ¥900 JPY
Kyushu area ¥900 JPY
Okinawa area ¥900 JPY


Mask-related products and handkerchiefs will be sent by Yu-Packet.

Nationwide ¥400 JPY



Domestic shipping is free for orders with a total purchase of ¥15,000 JPY or more.

Delivery destinations are limited to Japan.

When packing, we take great care to ensure that the outer box is not scratched or dented before shipping, but after it is handed over to the delivery company, it is possible that some trouble or damage may occur during transportation due to the responsibility of the delivery company. There is a nature.

Please allow any scratches or dents on the outer box that do not interfere with the use of the main unit.