WASHI create,
wear the future.

WASHI-TECH is a brand developed by a sewing factory,
proposing clothes made of 100% Washi,
which is a sustainable material with less environmental impact.



Global issues, such as overproduction, burning of deadstock, environmental pollution, the working environment of craftsmen, are what sewing factories like us are facing every day.
As an inhabitant of the Earth, we cannot continue to turn away from such issues that are occurring in front of us.

What we can do as a creator in the field of fashion is to propose a whole new concept of clothes that connects "wearing" and "being eco-friendly".

When you are alert to and are worried about global issues, you can take immediate action through "wearing".
WASHI-TECH provides an alternative for those who stand for being eco-friendly.


Born from soil and return to earth.
Washi clothes are lasting.

Once Washi is born again as WASHI-TECH, it exhibits a humidity control feature that keeps the wearer comfortable, antibacterial/deodorant effects, and UV protection.
The thread of WASHI-TECH is made of Manila hemp, which is the raw material of Washi. Manila hemp is a perennial plant and a material with low environmental impact as it uses almost no pesticides and repeats regeneration in 2-3 years after cutting.
When WASHI-TECH clothes are buried in the soil, they will be completely returned to the soil through biodegradation by microorganisms.

We will expand the possibilities of Washi that is friendly to both humans and the environment, and open up a new recycling-based society in the field of the apparel industry.

Feel manufacturers' passion in every weave.

In recent years, social problems in the fashion industry have become apparent, and society as a whole is struggling to change the concept and consciousness around fashion.
WASHI-TECH was developed considering everyone involved in the production, from raw material producers to sewing craftsmen, and continues to look for the way that does not load the earth and our mind. We have accumulated careful consideration so that every product includes pure thoughts of manufacturers who work in a comfortable stress-free environment.

We will fulfill our "responsibility to create" and aim to realize an "ethical future", in which both consumers and manufacturers feel happy.


  1. Humidity control

    With the function of adjusting the humidity according to environmental changes, the clothes keep your skin moisturized even after wearing for a long time.

  2. Antibacterial/deodorant effects

    The clothes make full use of the original power of Washi made from porous Manila hemp, without using any chemical for antibacterial processing. The functional test has confirmed that the clothes have eight times the antibacterial effect of cotton.

  3. UV protection

    The bark of Manila hemp, a perennial plant, has the ability to block UV rays (cut 89.2% at a UV test).




The smooth and crisp comfortable fit is the best.

The smooth and crisp comfortable fit is the best. An ordinary cotton shirt will get damp when I sweat, but this T-shirt is always crisp! It's the best for me as I sweat a lot. Once I've gotten used to wearing it, I feel even uncomfortable with a normal cotton shirt...

Comfortable and easy to breathe without getting stuffy. My glasses never get cloudy.

This item is excellent! It's comfortable and easy to breathe without getting stuffy. It's also good that my glasses don't get cloudy. The texture of the mask is not like Washi at all. I ordered one in navy and an extra one in white. Considering that it'll get hot from now on, I can't go back to the non-woven mask! The size is a perfect fit for me. Except that the soft mask sometimes slips off, it's completely flawless! As the non-woven mask made my skin itchy, I really recommend this for those who have sensitive skin!

Excellent comfortability beyond expectation!

I'm enjoying the comfortability more than I expected! Compared to normal T-shirt, this cool shirt doesn't accumulate moisture or heat. I survived the hot days thanks to this T-shirt, which seems to dry quickly even if I sweat.
I bought one in navy blue. I wear it casually with jeans or neatly with a skirt. I even feel like buying some more!

I bought three colors to wear in rotation for such a surprising comfort!

The smooth and lightweight fit was perfect for the hot, humid summer in Tokyo. I bought three colors to wear in rotation for such a surprising comfort!

Very attractive functionality, not being worn by washing or getting stuffy.

At first, I purchased two colors, gray and white. I found them very useful after a month, so bought them repeatedly, including for my family. Considering the coming season, I think the functionality is very attractive because it doesn't get worn out by washing or get stuffy.

Stress-free wearing experience in the midst of work.

It was a perfect fit for me. I had a problem with my sensitive skin and itching when wearing a disposable mask, but I was able to wear it comfortably while working. I've just started using it yesterday. Looking forward to seeing the moisturizing effect against the cold air from the AC at the company.

The smooth and comfortable fit is the best.

The smooth and comfortable fit is the best. I'm happy to wear it because it doesn't put a load on the global environment.

Much more comfortable than the cotton-linen-blend masks I've tried so far!

It's not that I never feel stuffy during this humid and sweaty season, but it's a lot more comfortable than wearing the cotton-linen-blend masks I've tried so far! I have to say, I was lucky to find it. Thank you so much!


A long-established sewing manufacturer founded in 1929

WAKOH started the sewing business in Sumida Ward, Tokyo in 1929. Since then, we have been working to manufacture value-added cut-and-sew wear that makes full use of the advantage of 100% domestic production at our own factory in Ichinoseki, Iwate.
Iwate Prefecture was once a major production area in the made-in-Japan apparel industry and has an abundant resource of skilled craftsmen.
Every craftsman with vast experience and know-how is particular about the entire process and has produced various clothes with reliable techniques. We intend to make products with delicate care and sincerity, striving every day for further development.

To inherit Japanese technology

Today, Japanese sewing factories are facing an adverse challenge.
As most of the clothes sold in Japan have been replaced with foreign products, the domestic apparel production rate has dropped to 2.3%.

However, we are working hard to overcome the hardships with high technological capability and quality so that we can pass down the techniques to future generations.
WAKOH is aiming to create a valuable future through collaboration with every manufacturer involved in order to protect world-class Japanese technology and quality.